Why You Shouldn’t Shake Your Kombucha

shake kombucha

Kombucha is the trendy fermented drink that’s packed with probiotics and acid. It’s a fizzy beverage that has a similar taste to a grown-up soda. Kombucha is brewed with tea, sugar, and bacteria and yeast that’s allowed to ferment, which creates the acid and B vitamins that give the drink its flavor and the fizz.

Most kombucha bottles have shake kombucha or recommendations that clearly say not to shake. This is because shaking agitates the kombucha and can throw off the balance between the yeast and bacteria in the drink, leading to less balanced and flavorful kombucha. It can also cause the carbon dioxide to release faster, which can result in too much fizziness and even a potential bottle explosion.

Carbonation Loss: Kombucha naturally becomes carbonated during fermentation

The best way to enjoy kombucha is by gently tilting the bottle or using a straw to stir it instead of shaking. This method is less disruptive to the kombucha and still allows the sediment to be evenly distributed, which ensures a consistent taste. It’s also recommended to store your kombucha in a dark, cool place away from sunlight to prevent unnecessary jostling and disturbance. When transporting a bottle of kombucha, it’s also a good idea to place it inside a cooler or box with padding or bubble wrap for extra stability. This will help reduce the risk of shaking and prevent the bottle from being jarred or dropped, which could lead to unwanted messes and flavor changes.

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