Why Buy a Hamper With a Lid?

hamper with lid

Whether it’s your bedroom, baby craddle bedding a hamper with lid keeps smelly clothes out of sight and easily accessible. Featuring a spacious interior to hold up to 2 loads of laundry, it’s the perfect solution for a tidy closet or an efficient bathroom.

Designed to fight mildew, this sturdy plastic clothes hamper comes in a neutral tan or stylish white hue and fits right into your room’s decor. The contemporary shape is also lightweight and easy to lift, making it an effortless addition to your laundry station. With a durable, heavy-duty design, it safely holds 6 liters (15kg/33lbs), so it can withstand countless trips to the washer and dryer.

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A hamper with lid is also a great choice if you like to sort your clothes before washing (lights and darks, delicates, etc.). Some hampers feature multiple compartments, so you can store each person’s clothes in their own bin and save yourself time come laundry day.

A laundry hamper with a lid is also an excellent choice for plush animal storage, seasonal clothing or bulky items such as blankets and sports gear. Simply fold it flat when not in use to free up floor space and keep your home organized. The liners can even be removed for an occasional wash to keep your basket fresh.

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