What is a Warehouse?

Warehouse is a business that specializes in storage, distribution and inventory management. This business is also referred to as industrial or commercial real estate. Warehouses are leased or purchased by businesses and individuals who need a space to store and distribute products. Some common product categories include food, paper, dry goods and liquor.

What are the 4 basic functions in a warehouse?

The history of Omaha’s warehousing industry reflects its early success as a transportation hub. The city’s location along the Missouri River drew in many different economic sectors, including meatpacking, stockyards and regional brewing companies. The early warehousing sector was dominated by wholesale jobbing, in which the company would purchase wholesale products directly from the manufacturer and then sell them to smaller retailers. The company also acted as a middleman, transporting the goods via train to other markets and then selling them from there. This Link :

Today, Omaha has a diversified economy with four major Fortune 500 companies located in the area including Berkshire Hathaway, Mutual of Omaha, Kiewit Corporation and Union Pacific Railroad. The city is also known as the Silicon Prairie because of the many technological companies that have moved here due to cheaper rents and its central location.

Several large shopping malls are located in the city including Westroads Mall, Crossroads Mall and Oak View Mall. Omaha is also home to the Lied Jungle, which is one of the world’s largest indoor swamps and houses exotic creatures like pygmy hippos, macaws and snakes. There is even a desert dome at the zoo!

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