What Does a MUGA Cost?

muga cost

When planning a muga cost project, there are a number of different costs that need to be considered. These include both upfront labour and material costs as well as ongoing maintenance expenses. It is important to plan for all of these expenses and make sure they are accounted for in your budget.

A MUGA scan is a nuclear medical test used to see how your heart works and whether it’s working properly. It’s done in a hospital or an outpatient imaging facility by a nuclear medicine technologist and evaluated afterward by a cardiologist or radiologist. Before the test, you should not eat anything for four to six hours and avoid caffeine and tobacco. You should also tell your doctor if you’re taking medications, especially any for your heart, as they may affect the results.

MUGA Site Surveys in Buckinghamshire: Paving the Way for Versatile Recreation

During the scan, you’ll lie down on a table while a camera above you takes pictures of your chest from several angles. The camera uses gamma rays to track the tracer as it moves through your bloodstream. You may need to exercise during the test to see how your heart responds to stress or you may be given nitroglycerin to widen your blood vessels and allow your heart to work more efficiently.

MUGAs are popular with schools as they enable a range of sports to be played at once, reducing the need for multiple dedicated facilities and freeing up space on the school grounds. They are also highly durable and require far less maintenance than natural grass, resulting in substantial savings over time.

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