Vanilla Cream Pie Strain

A winner of the 2019 Collaborative Phenotype Mega-Hunt, vanilla cream pie strain has a scent that resembles the filling from a delicious, creamy dessert. This Indica-dominant hybrid combines the best of Emerald Fire and Ghost of Humboldt OG, a pair of genetics that deliver heavyweight terpene profiles.

Despite its relatively short flowering period, this bud grows quickly and produces dense buds with an impressive yield. Outdoors, expect up to 500 grams of purple trichome-covered buds per square meter; indoor yields are typically a little more modest.

Colorful & fragrant

This bud sports a plethora of vibrant colors that will appeal to growers of all skill levels. Featuring fluffy olive green popcorn-shaped nugs with light amber hairs and a coating of chunky bright white crystal trichomes, this high-yielding bud will be ready to pick up in 65 days.

The trichome-rich leaves also boast a nifty leaf pattern that will make your eyes go ga-ga. This strain features a healthy dose of beta myrcene, which many say adds to its sedating body buzz.

Great for those with insomnia or chronic pain

This bud is a classic indica that brings a pleasant lift to the psyche and calming body effects. Despite its relaxing effects, it still delivers a strong, psychoactive buzz that you’ll find very energizing. Indica enthusiasts will appreciate the long-lasting traces of this feminized strain’s sweet and flavorful terpene profile. It’s a good choice for patients suffering from depression, stress, pain and loss of appetite.

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