Slimline Water Tanks

The water tanks slimline are ideal for residential properties because they are very narrow. These types of tanks are perfect for residential properties because they can fit through narrow doorways. You can even custom build a tank that fits through your carport or other entryway. In addition, they help you reduce your council water bill by up to 70%. A tank with a width of less than 550mm can store up to 10,000 litres of freshwater.

Winning Tactics For Slimline Water Tanks

Because they are so narrow, slimline water tanks are often installed along the side of the house, where conventional round tanks would be too bulky. In addition to water storage, slimline rainwater tanks can also help you harvest rainwater, which is great for reducing your overall water bill. Many slimline tanks are designed with a compact footprint and are made with a durable and certified design. Choosing a tank with a small footprint is a smart decision, as you’ll save thousands of dollars over the life of the tank.

Slimline water tanks are more expensive than round tanks, but their slimline design is worth the extra cost. While they can be a great option for urban homes, they require more labor and materials to install. Since the sides and bottom of Round Water Tanks don’t need reinforcement, they will last longer. The benefits of a slimline water tank over a round one are numerous, and they include a number of features.

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