Roof Safety Railings For Melbournewest City

roof safety rail melbourne

The best roof safety rail Melbourne are made using high-quality galvanized steel tubes and thermoplastic rubber, which are then welded onto a galvanized rail bolted to the roof rafters. The locknut enables you to secure the tubes to the roof, so they can’t be moved even if there is wind. This gives added peace of mind, especially for renters or tenants who might be in the process of moving into an apartment. As the locknut is galvanized and tightly tightened, any force coming from the roof will stop the locknut from being loosened.


When installing the roof safety rail, it is important that you use nails spaced evenly along the length of the railing. You can use nails of various lengths; however, it is best to go for nails spaced four inches apart. When selecting nails, choose larger ones than you think you’ll need so you won’t have to backtrack and remove them later. Nails can be wood or stainless steel, but stainless steel is the best to prevent corrosion. Before installing the rail, you can pre-drill all necessary holes and make sure they are straight so you don’t have to drill again after the rail is up and running. Once the nail is in place, use heavy duty roofing nails and screw them into the rafters as tightly as possible.


With pre-drilled and pre-fitted roof safety rails in place, you can start working on your roof. Using a hammer and chisel, hammer out any joints where the tiles come together and start adding roof tiles as you go along. Just be sure you nail all the tiles down securely, because if you do not, water could seep under the roofing and pool under the tiles. If you install the roof safety rail correctly, you can also prevent unwelcome guests like children from climbing up your ladder! Happy roofing!

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