Permanent Marker Strain – A Masterpiece of Flavors, Scents and Effects

When it comes to cultivating cannabis strains that check all the boxes – alluring aroma, immaculate structure and delicious taste – permanent marker strain has it all. Bred by the aptly-named Pleasant Effects and hand-selected by Doja Pak, this signature strain unites the exceptional profiles of Biscotti, Jealousy, and Sherb Bx into a single masterpiece of flavors, scents and effects.

Discovering the Permanent Marker Strain: Aromatic and Energizing

The resulting marijuana strain is a symphony of sensory delights, offering up a visually appealing bouquet of green hues framed by fiery orange pistils. Its terpene profile also captivates, with floral undertones combined with notes of candy and citrus to create an intoxicating aroma.

When smoked, permanent marker delivers an intense high that begins with a rush of cerebral euphoria. This surge of creativity sparks inspiration, making it ideal for artists and musicians who want to explore their creative side. The high then eases into a soothing body buzz, melting away stress and tension with its relaxing effects.

Due to its high THC content, this strain is best enjoyed by seasoned cannabis consumers who appreciate potent and powerful effects. Moderation is recommended to avoid typical cannabis-induced side effects, such as dry mouth and eyes. Medically speaking, permanent marker may help alleviate chronic pain and soothe cramps. Additionally, the uplifting effects of this strain may be beneficial for those with depression or mood swings. However, further research is needed to confirm these claims.

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