Large Casters Are Recommended For Heavy Loads

Caster wheels are a great way to move objects. They reduce physical strain on your employees while transporting big loads. However, deciding which casters are best for your needs depends on several factors. These include the application, the floor, the load, and the wheel material.

Do castor wheels lock?

Casters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. This includes wide, narrow, heavy duty, and light duty casters. Each caster can support a load of up to 3,000 pounds. You can also purchase heavy duty casters that feature a kingpin in the swivel. In addition, a caster with a swivel can provide mobility in any direction.

The large casters wheels is equipped with a tread that helps to protect the floor. It also absorbs shock. Treads are important to the longevity of a caster. If a tread is damaged, you can expect unnecessary wear on the wheel.

If the wheel is going to be in an oily or greasy environment, then you’ll want to consider a hard rubber wheel. This material is resistant to oil and other chemicals. Hard rubber casters are designed to have a higher load capacity.

Hard rubber caster wheels use ball bearings. Typically, this type of caster will be easier to start than soft rubber casters.

Wheel materials, such as cast iron, aluminum, and steel, influence the ability of a caster to handle a heavy load. These materials also determine the rolling resistance and durability of a caster.

Generally, larger casters are recommended for heavier loads. They are also more durable.

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