How to Use a Concrete Patching Compound

Concrete patching compound is one of humankind’s finest concoctions, exceedingly durable, long-lasting and relatively cheap when compared to other materials. However, nothing lasts forever and over time concrete is vulnerable to heavy use to the point that it can chip, crack, delaminate and even collapse. The good news is that if you catch it early enough there are some simple, affordable solutions to make things right again.

The best way to repair small cracks and pitted areas is by using a patching compound. These are cement or epoxy-based material that are applied to the surface like a mortar. They can be injected into deep cracks or applied as a spot patch to smaller areas where the damage has occurred.

Effective Concrete Patching with Patching Compound

Generally, these products are not designed for structural repair as they lack the aggregate that gives concrete its strength. Their primary function is to bind stronger materials together and as such they are great for bridging gaps or ramping from deeper flaws down to zero height. These products are very easy to work with and clean up with water.

Some really amazing space-age patching compounds are a little out of this world. They have behavioural characteristics that are superior to masonry-based products, can be used to fill deep cracks and are unaffected by the corrosion caused by rock salt or chemicals found in corrosive substances such as oils. Unlike gypsum-based products, they are also unaffected by humidity, swell and do not require priming.

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