How to Install a Metal Garden Edging System

Metal Garden Edging System

A these are great for that custom height you want! way to add a modern twist to any garden, Metal Edging System can create clean lines and gentle curves. They are easy to shape on-site, and pre-formed during manufacture to ensure they retain strength and rigidity when installed. Connections and steaks are also hidden to guarantee seamless joints with no unsightly overlaps. They are available in different heights to suit lawns and paths, ranging from 2mm to 40mm tall. They are durable and hard wearing – and can be left to weather naturally or treated with chemicals to extend their lifespan even further.

The first step in installing a metal landscape edging system is to mark out the area you wish to edge. A length of twine makes a handy outline tool, and is an effective means to measure curves. Once the outline has been made, it is a simple matter to cut the edging to size with a hacksaw or tin snips. Always keep a spare length on hand in case you need to replace a section later on down the line.

The Benefits of Metal Garden Edging: Durability and Versatility

Next, it is time to dig a trench for the edging. It is recommended that you wet the soil with a garden hose, especially if it hasn’t rained in some time, as this will make it easier to work with. Once the hole is dug, lay a length of edging down and use a mallet to gently hammer the pins in place (these vary between brands).

Finally, once all the pegs are fully in place, it is time to back fill the soil. It is a good idea to use some mulch, sand or gravel over the top of the edging, as this will help to hold it in place and prevent any movement in the future.

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