How International Players Influence National Leagues

How International Players Influence National Leagues

The presence of international players in professional leagues has gained popularity and relevance across the globe as a reflection of the globalization of sport. This phenomenon is largely due to the fact that the participation of foreign players increases national sports leagues’ international exposure and media attention. Additionally, participating in international competitions such as the World Cup or Olympics can boost a team’s market value and attract players from other clubs and nations. These phenomena have a profound impact on the number of foreign players in a given league. Learn more ค้นหายูฟ่า

How International Players Influence National Leagues

However, in spite of the positive impacts on leagues and fans, there are concerns about the effects of foreign player quotas on the development of national teams and the competitive balance among clubs in a league. It has been suggested that the qualified mobility of athletes across nations and continents creates a competitive imbalance, with elite clubs in the same league having first pick on top performing local and international players.

This imbalance is exacerbated by the fact that the influx of foreign talent can distract domestic coaches from developing their own players, as they tend to focus on the technical superiority demonstrated by their foreign peers. Furthermore, our analysis shows that, when controlling for playing time, foreign players show a notorious preponderance in almost all offensive and defensive tasks of the game. National players, however, present better performance in creating easy situations for teammates to shoot the ball and score points – assists, as well as in stealing the ball and intercepting passes – steals.

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