Finding a Breathing Coach Near Me


breathing coach near me

Breath Masters   help you reduce your stress levels, improve your sleep, or just be more productive, a breathing coach is a great resource. There are many different types of breathing techniques that you can learn, so it’s important to find a breathing coach that’s right for you.

What you should know about breathwork?

Breathwork is a form of healing that uses the power of breath to promote personal growth and self-awareness. Some of the benefits include reducing stress and anxiety, improving digestion, achieving sleep when needed, and increasing productivity. Breathing exercises are also effective for addressing a variety of conditions and illnesses.

Breathing Retraining Center LLC offers individual training, group sessions, and self-management coaching to help improve breathing skills. It also offers a variety of products that are designed to improve breathing habits.

Breathing Coach Hannah Dawson offers weeklong or weekend workshops and private retreats. She also offers individual in-person sessions and FaceTime teaching sessions.

During a typical breathing client program, you’ll participate in a live session each week. This will include listening to the breathing instructor, participating in daily assignments, and completing weekly assignments.

During your breathing session, you’ll also receive individual coaching to help you internalize your new skills. In addition to the coaching, you’ll have access to a supportive community that will offer encouragement and reinforcement.

Julie King is a Certified Life Coach, Master Teacher Usui Reiki, and Master Trainer Karuna Reiki. She also leads workshops and sound bath healing sessions in the United States and Thailand. She also has a private practice in Brattleboro, Vermont.

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