Drop Earring Men – How to Choose the Right Style

drop earring men

Drop earring men are having a major style resurgence. Whether you already have your ears pierced or are thinking of taking the plunge, there’s plenty of cool ear bling to choose from – from simple studs and small hoops to edgier tunnels and plugs. The main thing to remember when choosing a style is to match it with your lifestyle and wardrobe. If you dress smartly, studs and small hoop earrings will work best for you; if you’re young and casual, tunnels and plugs may be more appropriate. And, of course, you need to take into account the shape of your face.

Elevate Your Elegance: Exploring Men’s Designer Earrings and Their Unique Appea

A common type of earring for men is a dangle – a pendant that hangs from an earlobe and swings back and forth or side to side. Dangle earrings are a favourite among celebrities such as Johnny Depp, and they’re great for bringing a touch of drama to a casual outfit. They also come in a range of styles, from simple studs to dramatic ones with skulls, crosses and dragons.

If you want to try out the dangle earring trend but don’t have your ears pierced, there are clip-on versions available that fit standard lobe piercings. Alternatively, you could go for a taper, which is an earring that gradually widens to a point, similar to a tunnel or plug. For a more subtle option, there are also fakes that simply cover up your piercing. These are available in a range of colours and have a more subtle appearance, so you can wear them without frightening your grandparents.

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