History Of Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a fast-paced contact sport often played on the ice, usually outside or in an outdoor or indoor rink, where two competing teams of professional skaters use their wooden sticks to shoot metal-tipped rubber balls at each other from the ice. Each player on either team wears a uniform consisting of a mouth piece known as an “eye patch” that protects their eyes from the flying metal objects, and a jersey, similar to a basketball jersey, that covers their torso. The hockey match typically lasts just three to five minutes. The rules of the game are designed so that each team responds quickly to the other’s actions on the ice. For example, when a player takes the puck away from another team member, that player will be forced to leave the playing line immediately. If a player returns to the play and the ball is whistled dead, the player will be forced out of the line. Go here to find out more info.

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The game of Ice Hockey is a widely popular sport in North America, Canada, and the United States. It has been around for over a hundred years, but it has only recently begun to gain the popularity that it enjoys today. As with other sports, the game has its own set of rules and terminology. A typical game is played with six players on each team. The game is usually played on an oval or rectangular field.

In addition to wearing the uniform of the winning team, players must also wear protective eyewear such as goggles and earplugs. Because of the danger of getting hit on the head by flying sticks and pucks, players and even coaches are taught to skate slowly and carefully around the ice in order to avoid getting hit in the head. Some arenas have installed video cameras to ensure that there is no excessive or reckless skating going on. However, unlike football, ice hockey does not require the use of helmets, pads, or shoulder pads. The players can use their fingernails and skate blades for practicing on the ice, as in baseball, except that they are not allowed to use their teeth, hair, or mouth to play the game.