Chakra Stone Sets & Meditation

chakra stone sets

Chakra stone sets are basically of two kinds, namely natural stones and synthetic stones. Natural stones as per their names are stones made of earth or metals like granite, marble, limestone etc and they can have chakras attached to them as per their qualities and attributes. These chakra stones do not posses any energy of their own but when added with other minerals, they can provide an outstanding boost of energy, especially when placed in the fire as they have the power to absorb heat and release it as heat.

Chakra stone sets –  Natural stones and synthetic stones

The synthetic ones are also called semi precious stones. As they too are made up of metals, granite, marble etc but there is a slight difference here because they can be used for meditation and healing purposes. They are in the form of beads and these beads are semi precious and are therefore very costly in comparison to natural ones. One such set of crystals which are very popular among people for meditation purposes is the heart chakra crystal set which is made of turquoise, amethyst, ruby and citrine. This crystal set comes with a book of love crystal and a necklace with a pendant that has a chakra stone with an additional gemstone, which when worn in necklace gives protection and enhances the energy of the wearer. It is also a good conductor of sound, a powerful healer and a good channel for positive energy.


The quartz crystals on the other hand are the purest form of crystals and have high grounding energy centers. When they are placed in the fire, they give out heat which is of great beneficial value to those who meditate as this helps in cleansing the chakras of their negative energy centers. One can also make use of the quartz crystal lamp for providing light in the form of candles. When added with other herbs and nutrients, they enhance the overall effects of the chakra crystal lamp. The quartz crystal set which is a chakra energizer is known as the Reiki Stone set or Reiki Quartz Crystal Lamp.