Bot Protect – Proactive Bot Protection For Your Site, Mobile App and APIs

Bot protection delivers proactive bot protection against all kinds of unwanted bot traffic. These bots can cause damage to your website, mobile app and APIs, wasting time, resources and revenue. They can also be used to sabotage online security, deplete ad campaign budgets, create fake or duplicate accounts, scrape sensitive data and facilitate account takeover attacks.

Bot Protect utilizes device fingerprinting and behavioral intent analysis to detect and mitigate bots across web, mobile and APIs, ensuring a safe customer journey and minimized user friction. The tool also provides a range of response actions such as blocking, rate-limiting, redirecting to decoy sites and logging information about blocked bots.

A unified management console helps you track and understand bot traffic directed to your site, mobile app and APIs. This visibility is critical for making informed decisions and maintaining a low-cost, highly effective bot protection strategy.

Securing Your Online Presence with Bot Protection Measures

Detect and stop advanced bots that skew analytics, scrape your data and lock up inventory. Using our cloud-based Threat Intelligence Service, we identify and block sneaky almost-human bot attacks that have the ability to wreak havoc on your business with a simple, yet robust, machine learning model.

Detect bot traffic across web, mobile and APIs with a multi-layer approach that includes device and browser fingerprinting, behavioral intent analysis, collective intelligence and threat research and continuously adaptive detection engine. These solutions also offer a wide array of response actions such as blocking, rate-limiting, and redirecting to decoy sites, and can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

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