Advantages of Water Soluble CBD

water soluble cbd

As its name suggests, water soluble cbd is a type of cbd edibles wholesale that can dissolve in water. It is created by breaking down the oil-soluble CBD into fine crystalline particles that can be easily dissolved in water.

This is accomplished through a process called emulsification, which is an oil-friendly process that combines the oils with H2O molecules. This results in a soluble CBD product that can be added to any drink and can be consumed directly under the tongue. When consumed in this way, water soluble cbd is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

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Unlike regular CBD that is consumed orally, water soluble cbd skips the first pass effect of digestion in your gut and is immediately absorbed into your bloodstream. This can help reduce the amount of CBD that is lost to the digestive system, and also helps it reach the desired areas faster.

Another advantage of water soluble cbd is that it can be taken in smaller amounts and still be effective. This is because the small crystalline particles are able to be dissolved in liquids, such as tea, smoothies, or even just plain water. This makes it easy for anyone to take the correct dosage without having to measure out drops from a tincture bottle.

When choosing a wholesale water soluble cbd supplier, it is important to find one that takes quality seriously. Look for a company that has full vertical integration, meaning they produce their own products from start to finish and are fully certified. This ensures a high standard of quality and responsive customer support.

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