Ab Kettlebell Workouts

The best ab kettlebell workout | Strong And Fit include a wide range of movements. They compel you to engage all your abdominal muscles, including those deep within your core — which is essential for stability and strength.

Is 20kg kettlebell heavy?

Standing side crunches with a kettlebell: This movement activates your obliques and is challenging to the muscles that stabilize your spine in the low back, says Duncan. Choose a weight that allows you to do a minimum of 12 reps, which can be done at the beginning of a beginner’s workout or at the end of a more advanced routine.

One-arm overhead swing: This movement is easy to do with a lightweight kettlebell, and can be performed without changing your position. Using your arm to lift the kettlebell above your head helps to improve your grip strength, and this exercise can be a great way to build up strength in your arms and shoulders for other ab exercises.

Walking around 8 – 10 steps: This is another simple exercise that is easy to perform with just one kettlebell. This exercise works your entire ab region and can be performed in a gym studio space, or even on a free running track.

Performing this exercise incorrectly could lead to injury or loss of balance, so it is important to do it correctly and safely. This is especially true for people who are not used to exercising with a kettlebell, or those who are new to lifting heavy weights.

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