Our impact on self-confidence

Think back to when you were young. Who helped you to believe in yourself and what you could accomplish? Big Brothers Big Sisters mentors, donors, families, advocates and supporters work hard to encourage and support today’s children. When those children believe in themselves and what they can accomplish, they’ll enjoy better relationships with their friends, families, and peers and help to create safer, stronger communities.

Our landmark study

Our impact upon a child’s well-being is evident in longstanding research conducted by Public Private Ventures in 1992 and 1993. When comparing those children matched with a mentor to those waiting to be served by Big Brothers Big Sisters, these researchers found that Little Brothers and Little Sisters had a higher level of trust in their parent. They were 37 percent less likely than their peers to report lying to their parents.

What our Littles say

Our impact on our Little’s self confidence is confirmed by those closest to it: our Littles. In a 2009, we commissioned industry leader Civic Enterprises to conduct a nationwide survey of our Bigs and Littles. The results speak volumes about the ways in which Big Brothers Big Sisters helps to change a child’s life for the better, forever:

  • Despite the barriers they face, 94% of Littles said they have a lot or some confidence they will achieve their goals.
  • 93% of Littles said to have adults who care and look out for them is very important to helping them achieve their goals.
  • 80% of Littles said they feel their Bigs help them a lot.

What our alumni say

Our impact on a child’s self-confidence and emotional well-being is felt long after Littles graduate from high school. In 2009, Harris Interactive conducted an online survey of alumni Littles from across the nation. Among those former Littles:

  • 90% agreed their Big made them feel better about themselves.
  • 86% agreed they lead a fulfilling lifee.
  • 72% said they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their relationships with friends.

I want to become a Big Sponsor!

Become a Big Sponsor.
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Becoming a Big Sponsor means you will financially support one match between a Big and a Little for a period of three years. What do you get in return? You'll get direct feedback from your match letting you know exactly how your contribution is affecting the life of an underserved child in the Charleston community.

One Big. One Little. One Big Sponsor. Become a part of a relationship that will help empower and encourage a child. Watch the video to learn more.

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