Our community-based program

Ready to start something as a community-based Big?

Contact your Match Support and Enrollment Specialist Christina Hoffecker. You may reach her at 843-266-5256 or send her an email to choffecker[at]cydc.org.

A Big gets caught up on what's going in the life of his LittleOur Community-Based Mentoring program is the signature program for Big Brothers Big Sisters of CYDC. The activities are decided on by the Big and the Little. It is not necessary to plan elaborate outings every time you see each other. The time you spend together building a friendship is what the experience is all about and how you can positively impact a Little in the program.

Getting together is a great time for both Bigs and Littles. It doesn’t require a special occasion or expensive activities; just a few times every month sharing simple things you already enjoy with a young person:

The schedule can be flexible to meet the needs of mentors and young people in different kinds of situations. Some Bigs meet with their Littles on the weekend or in the evening. Others get together with their Littles after school. There’s almost no one so busy that they can’t find a way to fit in a few hours a month. Especially when they learn what a difference mentoring makes.

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