Big Brothers Big Sisters.
Mentoring for the Future.

Time is one of the most precious resources that a Volunteer can provide, but time is often the most difficult thing to give. Our Big Brothers and Big Sisters recognize this and still prioritize mentoring as an important part of their week. When a Volunteer donates their time, they are truly showing that they care.

With Big Brothers Big Sisters, we focus on developing lasting relationships that will influence young people for the better, forever. The positive time, energy, and effort that our Big Brothers and Big Sisters give our youth help create a circle of support and accountability that empower these youth to lead happier and healthier lives. The one on one time spent allows children to feel like they are being supported and special. This kind of program not only benefits the current Little enrolled but also enables the community to foster the next generation of mentors.

Being a mentor means being a friend.

Being a big means that you are there for your little, guiding them through tough decisions.

I want to become a Big Sponsor!

Become a Big Sponsor.
Witness the change you inspire.

Becoming a Big Sponsor means you will financially support one match between a Big and a Little for a period of three years. What do you get in return? You'll get direct feedback from your match letting you know exactly how your contribution is affecting the life of an underserved child in the Charleston community.

One Big. One Little. One Big Sponsor. Become a part of a relationship that will help empower and encourage a child. Watch the video to learn more.

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