Become a Big Sponsor.
Help Us Change the World.

Becoming a Big Sponsor is a unique opportunity to transform the life of a child. Your donation is incredibly appreciated! Each child that you sponsor will have their match supported for three years because of your generosity.

What is a Big Sponsor?

Become a Big Sponsor and directly support one Charleston area Big / Little match by covering their annual match costs ($2,000) for a period of three years. You will receive feedback from the match that you are supporting letting you know how their lives are improving because of your contribution, including things like pictures, grades, and letters from your little.

Positive Impacts on Our Children

What are the costs of a match?

The annual costs of a match are approximately $2,000. That is the annual cost we are asking you, as a Big Sponsor, to donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Initial Screening Costs: Big

  • 1 hour in-person interview
  • State criminal background check
  • National criminal background check
  • State sex offender registry check
  • National sex offender registry check
  • Driving record check
  • Auto insurance confirmation
  • 3 reference checks
  • 2 hour training

Initial Match Costs: Little

  • Home and neighborhood assessment
  • Interview child about preferences
  • Interview parent about preferences
  • Safety training with child
  • Program guidelines training
  • Preparation of outcome targets and goal setting

Recurrent support costs

  • Many matches last YEARS!
  • Monthly conversation with child
  • Monthly conversation with parent
  • Monthly conversation with volunteer
  • Strength of Relationship surveys to monitor relationship progress
  • Total annual cost per match: $2,000
  • 200 Littles on waiting list

I want to become a Big Sponsor!

Become a Big Sponsor.
Witness the change you inspire.

Becoming a Big Sponsor means you will financially support one match between a Big and a Little for a period of three years. What do you get in return? You'll get direct feedback from your match letting you know exactly how your contribution is affecting the life of an underserved child in the Charleston community.

One Big. One Little. One Big Sponsor. Become a part of a relationship that will help empower and encourage a child. Watch the video to learn more.

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