Protecting Childhood.
Preparing for Adulthood.

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) is a nationally acclaimed program matching hundreds of children from single-parent families to caring adult role models. These adult mentors shape the lives of these children by providing them with companionship and guidance, allowing that child to have a more stable and diverse care structure.

I want to become a Big Sponsor!

Become a Big Sponsor.
Witness the change you inspire.

Become a Big Sponsor and directly support one Charleston area Big / Little match by covering their annual match costs ($2,000) for a period of three years. You will receive feedback from the match that you are supporting letting you know how their lives are improving because of your contribution, including things like pictures, grades, and letters from your little.

Your support will mean that a child will have a mentor to help them make good choices and to prepare for adulthood. You will be giving back to the community in a way that will allow you to see the direct results of your contribution!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Carolina Youth Development

During Year One ...

Your Little Brother or Sister will get to experience things for the very first time! His Big can take him to see the ocean, or to a Riverdogs baseball game on a summer night. Or maybe they go to the library and show each other new ideas through the pages of an interesting book. By sponsoring a match, you’re showing a child the world beyond his neighborhood and inspiring him to succeed!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Carolina Youth Development

During Year Two, Three, and Beyond ...

Our Big Sponsors give a child a friend and a role model. New experiences are fun and interesting, but at the end of each day, the most meaningful thing a Little Brother or Sister can know is that there’s another person who cares for her and believes in her. After more than one year together, Little Brothers and Sisters feel comfortable sharing their worries, hopes, dreams, and questions about life. Friendship is priceless!

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